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Cradle for the Soul.
Recent Entries 
11th-Dec-2010 06:37 pm - Map 065
[Intentional or not, there seemed to be a Revya comfortably napping under a large palm tree one afternoon. Which is something rarely seen, which is why it's hard to say it was intentional or not. Probably wore himself out training or something]

[... At least it was nice enough weather for it. And the tree was the only place he could've find decent shade so..]
23rd-Nov-2010 01:01 am - Map 064
[See a Revvy, see a Revvy out on a starry night]

[Not exactly in the brightest of mood, though not nearly as depressed as he has been either. What a shock. Just kinda of... thinking. Probably a little too much as always]

[At some point he just shoved his hands into his pockets and kicked a stone into a tall patch of grass, then watching some fireflies it seemed to have disrupt]

... I guess it really can't be helped. [He just sighed and continued to wander a little more down some quiet, empty streets]
12th-Nov-2010 01:03 am - Map 063
!Over the distance
[What is this]

[... Actually that can go for several things. Like where this kid came from, and why was he here. After all this looked nothing like an inside of a castle.]

[He'll just be... wandering the streets being more than a little lost. He wasn't used to being out in public like this. But maybe... maybe... he'll find something familiar?]

[Ogawdtheworldwassobigandscary ;^; Even more so when you're barely 5]

((I SHOULD NOT BE THIS EASILY ENABLED. Sadly though since there's no canon art I have to borrow off from someone else >> At least they're both princelings))
10th-Nov-2010 09:32 pm - Map 062
This is bad
[A Revvy was feeling way better than he had in weeks or months, although there was one small thing that still was not settling right. And it involved a place he usually avoided visiting when ever he could.]

[.. Yup, that'd be a Revvy on his way to #027. Somebody go ahead and try to stop him now before he does something stupid again]
4th-Nov-2010 12:36 am - Map 061
[And so we're pretty much back to the usual. Somewhere close to the shore as always because where else was a good place to angst anyway, although he's probably been hiding other places too. After all, he's probably been missing a few days by now and certainly someone would've noticed him had he stayed in the area long enough.]

[If he really wanted to be found, anyway. All he did was cause grief to people or hurt them, or got hurt instead. Everyone, even himself, was better off if he just stayed away from people. It was something he'd better do now before something made him attack somebody again.]
24th-Oct-2010 02:38 am - Map 060
[Man, trying to find these two was being harder than it seemed]

[Searching down the streets in town for answers was not being helpful at all. Everyone had either not even heard of them, or what the DP fish had to say about them. How was he supposed to get any leads this way...]

[And now, Revya was all of the sudden regretting ever coming out this far, after seeing some charred marks and still having a slight smell of smoke in the air. Everything inside of him all of the sudden sank to a new low and some of the worst things he ever wanted to feel... This is where it all happened]

[He really wanted to get out of this place, but instead for some strange reason he crept closer. Shaking a little from the amount of guilt and dread. Even started to feel tiny bits of rain falling as he got closer somehow, probably what the island used to put the fire out. But here it was, the one and only place Revya used to love coming to most... Now a smoldered pile of ruins. Nothing about it barely was recognizable anymore. The upper half where the apartment used to be had partially caved in when the bottom support finally gave way. The rest was just an absolute mess]

[Revya just clinged to one of the posts out in front of it. Almost on the verge of wanting to weep with the rest of the sky. How... why... he did let this happen?]
7th-Oct-2010 08:07 pm - Map 059
[Revya was quite a distance from the bakery now, though the smoke could've still been so easily seen here. He kind of felt like taking a moment to marvel? look at the damage. It really did do more than he thought.]

[He merely flopped down next to a tree to watch at it awhile long before slowly curling up a little. Something... did not feel right. Why..? He had been right all along. He wasn't trustworthy after all, he had betrayed him right there in plain sight. That really was the way it was and always will be]

[So why...]

[A single tear somehow managed to shed. There was really no way to explain why, especially in this condition. But for some reason or another, it was like everything had been torn up inside]

((This really needed a continuation. Lets this be a lesson, never cheat on a Revvy, ever. Especially when he's stuck as his eviler counterpart. Just don't

5th-Oct-2010 04:14 am - Map 058
Who's there?
[It was gonna be an evening just about like the last couple of just practicing a few things. Ring, flames, standard swordplay, all the weird things he's nommed, whatever. He had a bad feeling Thal wold be doing something soon, considering what happened recently. So it would be good to be well prepared for it, now with his strength back.]

[... The sun seemed like it went down earlier than usual today though. Maybe not. It was even bizarrer to see those glowing flowers again though. Hadn't they been out of season for awhile now? Whichever, it was getting pretty late now so getting back to the apartment seemed like a good idea by now]
26th-Jul-2010 04:55 pm - Map 057
[Should you find a Revvy, he was not in very good shape right now. Both wings were so badly cracked and chipped by now that it's almost amazing they were still holding together. Even if they do just magically float there anyway]

[Not that Revvy himself looked much better, what with a few cuts here and there. Nothing too deep, but still had to hurt at least. Granted he could probably just make another edict if he just stood up to do so but... for some reason he wasn't]

[Probably because he was more concerned by other things at the moment]
26th-Jun-2010 12:09 am - Map 056
[Someone clearly looked better today than they had in months. Which really had to be nothing short of a miracle, and it probably was]

[He twirled the flower around just a bit longer. Maybe.. he should hang on to it as long as possible. Funny hows things really did start getting better not too long after he had it]
11th-Jun-2010 10:47 pm - Map 055
[Someone was definitely not in a good mood. This might also explain why even some of the smaller plants near him seemed to be slowly dying up...]
13th-May-2010 06:32 pm - Map 054
[Well if you can ever notice in the fog, there was a Revvy, leaning against the side of a building. He was dressed a bit differently than normal, but otherwise it was hard to see anything else that was usual, except maybe that his eyes had some kind of shine to it. If you were power/energy sensitive though, you should be getting a whole different reading from this. Like that fairly unpleasant darkness feeling]

[What he was doing out here he had no idea. Nor could he really complain either. There was so much work to do~ things to break But for now he was just chillin' back a little. He had all night, and it was gonna be a long night, so there was plenty of time to go around]

[.... Hell, he probably didn't even need to go looking too far to find anyone~]
4th-May-2010 03:09 am - Map 053
[Revya was standing outside Vongola Primo house again. He had remembered the other partial reason why he wanted to come here awhile ago, but then the Thal incident happened, and there hadn't been a good time to bring it up again. Especially not right after that.]

[But now things were.. getting too complicated. Mainly due to the night before.... He really didn't want to do this though. Giotto was so much happier earlier. He didn't want to hurt him again especially if Thal was now exploiting that, but... if things did continue, he probably would anyway. There was no turning back on any of this anymore, and he did have every right to know what really was going on. As well as maybe all the other little secrets he's been hiding]

[It's just... none of this was probably going to end so pretty.]

((... Timeskip from the last Giotto post. Because ogawd, Revvy has to go and break him again just after fixing him D|

Vals are ttly welcomed to answer the door too ♥))
6th-Apr-2010 11:35 pm - Map 052
What is this--I don't even
[Someone felt pretty bad about something. Maybe it was easy to tell what, maybe it wasn't. Though depending on who asks, maybe you could find out why]

[S-seriously, could something just be less complicated for once?]
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