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Map 042

[Waking up in a nice comfy bed was definitely an improvement from last several night ago. Though.. waking up in a bed that definitely wasn't yours generally lead to some questions, and concern]

[Actually.. what did happen anyway? He remember it being something rather major but, that's about it. Though after he weakly tried to sit up, he got a quick reminder of what apparently happened that night. This reminder being a sharp pain at his side. But it also seemed someone had even took the time to bandaged it]

[Oh hey, that's right, edicts. If he could just whip one out that wound should be gone in no time]

[... Wait, nothing was happening. Something was definitely not right. Why.. wasn't his power working?]

[He sighed and laid back down, hand over forehead to block out whatever light there was. He was still too weak to actually get up yet. But he still would like to know where the hell he was. This bedroom did not look familiar. Someone better give him some answers soon]
Tags: a little help?, aftermath
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