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Map 048

[Today seemed like a good time to test a couple more things. Especially given strangely that power was acting earlier. Which was important to get that sorted out just in case he did have to use it someday soon]

[Thus, after finding a clear area, he called out that floating gold mantle again, and just waited. The ban was definitely suffocating it quite a bit, but he remembered it being that even before. Otherwise, it was still fairly stable. No unbearable weight or pain to it]

[Next was to try flying, by changing it to a pair of wings. In the past he could stay up there for like no more than a minute or so before having to land. If he could stay around that record then it should be still working fine too. First staying low, then slowly going a little higher. Then just suddenly, crack~]

[There was a instant jolt of pain, and wings suddenly stopped working making him fall out of the air like a rock. With some fast thinking he brought the Sky ring out in front of him and shot a burst of flames directly to the ground below him. Hopefully, just enough to slow down the fall so the impact wouldn't be nearly as damaging. Which probably did save him a little from any serious injuries, but he wasn't going to make it out of this perfectly unharmed]
Tags: flames, flight, not the brightest idea, practice~, ring
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