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[Revya was standing outside Vongola Primo house again. He had remembered the other partial reason why he wanted to come here awhile ago, but then the Thal incident happened, and there hadn't been a good time to bring it up again. Especially not right after that.]

[But now things were.. getting too complicated. Mainly due to the night before.... He really didn't want to do this though. Giotto was so much happier earlier. He didn't want to hurt him again especially if Thal was now exploiting that, but... if things did continue, he probably would anyway. There was no turning back on any of this anymore, and he did have every right to know what really was going on. As well as maybe all the other little secrets he's been hiding]

[It's just... none of this was probably going to end so pretty.]

((... Timeskip from the last Giotto post. Because ogawd, Revvy has to go and break him again just after fixing him D|

Vals are ttly welcomed to answer the door too ♥))
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