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Map 060

[Man, trying to find these two was being harder than it seemed]

[Searching down the streets in town for answers was not being helpful at all. Everyone had either not even heard of them, or what the DP fish had to say about them. How was he supposed to get any leads this way...]

[And now, Revya was all of the sudden regretting ever coming out this far, after seeing some charred marks and still having a slight smell of smoke in the air. Everything inside of him all of the sudden sank to a new low and some of the worst things he ever wanted to feel... This is where it all happened]

[He really wanted to get out of this place, but instead for some strange reason he crept closer. Shaking a little from the amount of guilt and dread. Even started to feel tiny bits of rain falling as he got closer somehow, probably what the island used to put the fire out. But here it was, the one and only place Revya used to love coming to most... Now a smoldered pile of ruins. Nothing about it barely was recognizable anymore. The upper half where the apartment used to be had partially caved in when the bottom support finally gave way. The rest was just an absolute mess]

[Revya just clinged to one of the posts out in front of it. Almost on the verge of wanting to weep with the rest of the sky. How... why... he did let this happen?]
Tags: aftermath, emo revvy, event, ogawdhowdidthishappen, this is why we can't have nice things
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