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Cradle for the Soul.
Recent Entries 
3rd-Apr-2010 01:18 am - Map 051
[Get ready fish, there was someone waiting for you outside your apartment]

22nd-Mar-2010 02:04 am - Map 050
What is this--I don't even
[Revya wandered about a little in the onsen. Layna had mentioned about needing an extra person to help out, so it didn't hurt to pitch in just a little hopefully Giotto didn't mind. Usually there was a few guests now and then, but today especially, it was dead quiet all around]

[Which now left a rather bored Revvy just lingering in the lobby. Maybe someone should go bother him]
2nd-Feb-2010 12:43 am - Map 049
[.. This was definitely quite a contrast. Despite all the hardships Revya has gone through, especially on just Kunpuu alone, this dream was actually... a rather happy one]

[Even the scenery itself was calming, a place that was even a little familiar to him (not by much, though). It looked like a garden of some sort, with stone pillars and rock walkways and bridges outlining most of it. There was a large and elegant fountain nearby, with smaller canals that flowed away from it. But what really stood out was how bright and green everything was, with flowers of every shade possible, and very well kept]

[Revya wasn't really doing anything that exciting in particular, though he had gotten off the path at some point to relax a little. And must've been feeding some birds since he was currently surround by what was probably white doves. One had already landed on his shoulder and another on his head. Both cooing, and content as well]

((Gawd, this is probably the gayest thing yet I've written for him))
20th-Jan-2010 02:38 am - Map 048
This is bad
[Today seemed like a good time to test a couple more things. Especially given strangely that power was acting earlier. Which was important to get that sorted out just in case he did have to use it someday soon]

[Thus, after finding a clear area, he called out that floating gold mantle again, and just waited. The ban was definitely suffocating it quite a bit, but he remembered it being that even before. Otherwise, it was still fairly stable. No unbearable weight or pain to it]

[Next was to try flying, by changing it to a pair of wings. In the past he could stay up there for like no more than a minute or so before having to land. If he could stay around that record then it should be still working fine too. First staying low, then slowly going a little higher. Then just suddenly, crack~]

[There was a instant jolt of pain, and wings suddenly stopped working making him fall out of the air like a rock. With some fast thinking he brought the Sky ring out in front of him and shot a burst of flames directly to the ground below him. Hopefully, just enough to slow down the fall so the impact wouldn't be nearly as damaging. Which probably did save him a little from any serious injuries, but he wasn't going to make it out of this perfectly unharmed]
2nd-Jan-2010 08:49 pm - Map 047
[Surely, it was much better now to go outside (and anywhere else for that matter) now when everyone didn't look quite as deliciously edible like earlier. But one thing seemed to have been slightly forgotten about. Like the 'reason' why that block was there in the first place. After all there was a vacation between the time that thing was still up]

[So really, it was probably no surprise that some point that there was a loud thud as a gold scythe had magically materialized in front of him, clearly with the intention that its owner was going to catch it (since the last time he called for it was to fight off some illusions. That didn't happen over a month again mind you), but instead it dropped and practically lodged itself into the sidewalk. And making quite a nice crack in the concrete]

[So.. yes. After taking a moment to re-remember how Gig gave him a full copy of his power at one point, he eventually worked on yanking the damn thing out. Though geez, when was it this heavy?]

((And so it's back >>;))
24th-Dec-2009 07:59 pm - Map 046
[.. And now something wasn't right. It was a rather familiar feeling, but that didn't make it any less a good one. ]

[There was nothing much in the apartment that was gonna fix it either. Thus, quickly stepping outside. If he could get a decent amount of food without bumping into anyone or too many, he might be fine]

((Enter at own riiisk))
17th-Dec-2009 11:18 pm - Map 045
[This Revvy, seemed oddly content]

[Sure it was cold, but getting to play with these little white flakes for the first time made up for it. He had only heard about snow, or seen it from afar, but never actually been in it]

[Who know how long this was gonna last, so why not enjoy it while he could?]
13th-Dec-2009 08:30 am - Map 044
!Pineapple - Distraction
[Don't mind this pineapple]

[[It's just a little concerned as to where the other two World Eater bodies gone to]
30th-Nov-2009 06:08 pm - Map 043
[Sunny clear beaches and skies, was a complete contrast to what there was 5 minutes earlier]

... N-no, not again, n-not now.

[He didn't care that there wasn't any known way to go back, he was going to find one now. Not after that. Not after what he did]

[.. It was all futile either way anyway. Even if he did find a way back so quickly, Revya could already feel him disappearing even before he arrived on this damned island. And most of his own power was completely drained thanks to that battle]

[By the time he ever did make it back, he'd already be long gone..]

((Semi-post game upgrade, get~))
5th-Nov-2009 10:13 pm - Map 042
[Waking up in a nice comfy bed was definitely an improvement from last several night ago. Though.. waking up in a bed that definitely wasn't yours generally lead to some questions, and concern]

[Actually.. what did happen anyway? He remember it being something rather major but, that's about it. Though after he weakly tried to sit up, he got a quick reminder of what apparently happened that night. This reminder being a sharp pain at his side. But it also seemed someone had even took the time to bandaged it]

[Oh hey, that's right, edicts. If he could just whip one out that wound should be gone in no time]

[... Wait, nothing was happening. Something was definitely not right. Why.. wasn't his power working?]

[He sighed and laid back down, hand over forehead to block out whatever light there was. He was still too weak to actually get up yet. But he still would like to know where the hell he was. This bedroom did not look familiar. Someone better give him some answers soon]
30th-Oct-2009 01:58 am - Map 041
[Staggering in the street. Because.. yeah, blood loss, it'll do that to you]

Got... to make it..

20th-Oct-2009 12:34 pm - Map 040
This is bad
[It's a Revvy, he is quite feathery today. He's trying to keep the wings as closely folded as possible to avoid brushing them on anything]

Geez, they're just as bad as those other ones...
11th-Oct-2009 10:41 pm - Map 039
Who's there?
[Had sighed, sitting on a slab of rock at the beach. He held up his hand that had the unusual looking ring on it, and briefly wondered what else he could even do with it. Producing the certain kind of flame on the sword was proving to be harder than he thought. Probably because it was not only from a different world, but already had a fire of it's own]

[... Or maybe he was just doing something wrong still. Never the less he needed a bit of a break, and eventually laid back on the rock entirely but still looking at the ring... wondering]

((Iiii, should have probably posted this like a month ago, you can go ahead and pretend that I did if you want XD;))
30th-Aug-2009 02:05 am - Map 038
The Victor
[Another bright, sunny afternoon~ There was nothing much to do today, and Revya was feeling a bit adventurous. Actually, there had been something he wanted to practice more on]

[He found a nice clearing on the island, no tall trees or buildings. Though he surveyed the area a little more just to make sure there was nothing around that might be hazardous later. Once everything looked clear, and unusual set of 'wings' appeared behind his back, in fact they didn't seem connected to anything at all. Although once Revya got off the ground, he simply remained just a few inches right above it]

Ah, they do still work~
24th-Aug-2009 06:53 pm - Map 037
[Finally cured of girliness~]

[Hopefully he won't have to do that again]
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